Sunday, April 04, 2004

dang i havent really had a chance to get on the computer at all lately.

well, today we played softball and it was fun because we won all of our games because the other teams forfeited. yay. im just taking a break from practicing right now, i have alot of stuff to learn by tomorrow. i did pretty good about practicing this week, i coulda practiced more, but oh well, im trying to make up for it now. after the games i started talking to ben and he convinced me to go sit out by the pool with him and duca, then he some how convinced me to go to the indoor hot tub and i was just gonna put my feet in, but no...it had to feel good, so i got in in my shorts and sports bra. so i went to andys recital smelling like pool. fun stuff. andy's recital was really good though, i wish i was as good as him. i guess that means i would actually have to practice more. oh well... well i better get back to practicing now....booooo

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