Sunday, April 04, 2004

dang i havent really had a chance to get on the computer at all lately.

well, today we played softball and it was fun because we won all of our games because the other teams forfeited. yay. im just taking a break from practicing right now, i have alot of stuff to learn by tomorrow. i did pretty good about practicing this week, i coulda practiced more, but oh well, im trying to make up for it now. after the games i started talking to ben and he convinced me to go sit out by the pool with him and duca, then he some how convinced me to go to the indoor hot tub and i was just gonna put my feet in, but no...it had to feel good, so i got in in my shorts and sports bra. so i went to andys recital smelling like pool. fun stuff. andy's recital was really good though, i wish i was as good as him. i guess that means i would actually have to practice more. oh well... well i better get back to practicing now....booooo

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Well I burned the crap out of myself yesterday in the tanning bed....ouch. now im the one that smells like burning. today was kinda crappy... i skipped going to the gym cause im seriously so burned it hurts to move. so that sucked. then i drive all the way to school and when i get in the parking lot matt tells me class is cancelled, but im like okay we still have to play for mr barton later, then we found out that was cancelled. what a waste of my valuable time....right. then matt rubbed me with aloe vera and i took a nap and taught. Now my matthew is in his phi mu alpha meeting and then hes spending the night with me yay. too bad i have a stupid conducting test tomorrow that is pretty hard. oh well, i always seem to do okay.

I cant wait for school to be over with. im never taking this many hours again.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

So I went to the gym this morning and almost threw up again. But its all good. Then I skipped class and taught my lessons and went tanning and then to the grocery store. I'm obsessed with soy milk now. It's way better than milk. Everyone should try it. I'm also obsessed with the color pink. I don't know whats gotton into me. My Matthew was so sweet today, he came over while I was taking a nap and surprised me. And then he made me lunch. How sweet :) lol Anyways, nothing really interesting has happened the last few days. Amy burned herself to a crisp in the tanning bed today. She smells like burning. hah

Friday, March 19, 2004

Today was a very bad, but very good day...if that makes any sense. It started off pretty good cause I went to the gym and Leroy kicked my butt (hes my trainer hes cool). Then me and Matt got in a huge fight. It really sucked and I cried alot, and we were both really upset. I never realized how bad it physically hurts when someone you love so much hurts you. But thank God he came over and we talked about it. We actually talked about going on a break, but we decided that we couldn't be apart. But now we are better than ever. Sometimes fighting can be good, because when you think about things you realize all the things you've taken for granted. I love him so much, and I can't wait till I can wake up in his arms every morning. He's my everything. I hope everyone has a chance to love someone as much as I do. It's the best feeling in the world.

Okay, on to other things. I finally went to the grocery store, and me and Matt looked for my shoes again. EVERYWHERE is sold out of only the pink Shox. I really want pink shoes. They are cute. My little brother is supposed to be spending the night tonight and he'll be here soon. Eh...I have to go to the library tomorrow to do my research.

Within you I'm lost,
Without you I find myself
wanting to be lost again

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Today was pretty fun...I ended up not going to the gym cause i felt like ass this morning. I woke up at like 12:30, and Jeffie ran errands with me, although i really don't think I accomplished anything. I tried to get more contacts but walmart lost my prescription, bastards...Then I looked for some tennis shoes, I wanted some pink Shox but they were sold out everywhere...dammit. Oh well. So then me and Jeffie had nothing else to do so we went to my parent's bar in Sugar Land and played games. It was fun, it was the touch game and of course we picked all the erotic games where it uncovered "hunks" it was hilarious. those stupid games lie though. we played the strip tease one, and i know the girls show boobs and stuff, the guys only get down to like a thong lol. the captions under the pictures were like "what are you gonna do to me when im naked" but he never got naked, what kinda crap is that? oh well. it was still funny. then we picked up my cousin nikki and black matt (mdubya) and met jerome at little miyako for sushi....mmmmm it was good. now nikki is spending the night at my house playing on my piano...fun heh shes great though, i want my kid to be just like her whenever i have one. i dont want to go back to school monday boooooooo

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I'm tired...
Me and Matt....Matt and I went to Galveston yesterday to ride bikes because he FINALLY got his mountain bike fixed. But, we had alot of fun. Yesterday, we rode like 13 miles just around Jamaica Beach and looked at houses, cause we'll be married soon and we need to start looking for a house :) hehe... Today was tiring though cause we rode from my bay house all the way to the toll bridge, and all in all we went about 25 miles today and the wind was blowing pretty hard. So all in all, my butt hurts really bad and I don't think I'll be able to ride my bike for a few days. It was cool though, I love spending time with my Matthew. Anyways, I can't believe that it is already Wednesday of Spring Break. That sucks ass. I'm gonna die tomorrow cause I'm gonna be so sore, and I have to go to see the personal trainer guy, and he really kicks my ass. It's all good though cause I need it. I have alot of stuff I need to do the rest of this week...practice conducting, research for my paper, arranging assignment, haircut and highlighted (cause its nappy), go to the gym, tan (cause im soooo white right now), deposit teaching checks (cause im broke), ehhh, theres alot more, but i cant think right now.....oh well

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Today was the longest day ever...

so we had to be at school at 6 am for the rodeo parade (which didn't start till 10 and we were in the 2nd half of it). It sucked. i hate parades. then, KKY planned to clean out the fraternity room, so i was at school until like 8 pm. I feel so exhausted. I just dropped matt and steve off at the rodeo parade so i have to stay up to go pick them up. it looked like fun, too bad im way to worn out to go.
Well, it's 3:50 am. I'm just waiting till I have to be at UH at 6 am for the damn Rodeo parade. This is actually gonna be my first time to be in the parade because the last 2 years ive had other stuff to do...like to go mardi gras. Today sucked. I really think I have a sleeping problem. I can never sleep at night, and it kills me the next day. Today, i had a conducting test at 8, i only got like 2 hours of sleep. I got to school at like 8:10, and decided it would be a good idea to close my eyes a few minutes in my car...yea..that never works. I woke up at 8:30 and ran inside and took my test. I went to my 9:00 mr. bennett class, then decided to skip music history and astronomy and sleep in my car so i would be okay for wind ensemble...yea...i slept till 12:30 and then decided i still felt really bad so i went home and slept. and i have the best boyfriend ever, even though i was being a bitch to him this morning when i was at school, he picked up chili's for me and brought it to me while i was sleeping :) i love that boy, then we slept pretty much until like 12:30 am, and he went home. So, nothing really interesting happened today, cause i wasnt even awake for most of it.

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